The Heshan Huanle Motor Company Ltd. (hereafter abbreviated as HSHLMC) is a registered legal body within the Chinese territory majoring in the manufacture of electric motors. Employees of the company are more than 200, 10% of whom are technicians and engineering staffs. The company covers a production and office area of 45000sq.m The HSHLMC is recognized as an advanced enterprise in Guangdong Provice and is also listed as a key enterprices in Guangdong and of the Ministry of Electro-Mechanics and as a factory majoring in the manufacture of the AC motors. It is one of the 500 top manufactures of electro machinary and equipment as well as one of the 100 high-tech, enterprices to aim at the advanced international level and technical reformation. It is also one of the top AC motor exporters in the country.

By applying the advanced technology that we had learned from inside and outside the country, we developed in 1986 the "HUANLE' COLLECTION of fan motors types YSK, YDK, with low noise, weak vibration, samll temperature rise, power saving performances and they were safe to operate. Those motors were the first of their kinds ever developed in China under control by international standards. Since then mass quantities of such motors have been turned out, which were tseted by the China Fractional Motor Test Lab. to have all the performance datum meeting or some of them even surpassing the Standards set by the developed countries, ranking No. 1 of the same kinds of product in the world. This collection of motors have won the award of "NATIONAL GRADE A PRODUCTS" as well as "FAMOUS BRAND PRODUCTS OF GUANGDONG". Nearly 60% of our motors aresold directly to Japan, USA, Europe, the Middle East, Thailand, Australia and have won good reputation from our customers by their competitive prices and our considerate follow-up services.

In 1999, the HSHLMC was transformed into a collective stock company, by the approval of the Government of Heshan city, with all the employees being the sharholders, and the name of "Heshan Motor Factory" was thus changed into the present 'Heshan Huanle Motor Co. Ltd." This transformation has brought to the company new thoughts, new system, new mechanism, new ideas,and new vitality, more flexibility and stronger competitive capability.

The HSHLMC will, as we did before, we spare no efforts in researching, developing and producing for our customers various kinds of high-tech. AC motors, motors for special applications and air-conditioners.

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